Anuradha Wickramarachchi


I am currently a PhD student (Final year) at ANU Australia. I primarily work in computational biology and bioinformatics, applying computational/machine learning methods for metagenomics binning.

Open for collaborations, happy to explore novel approachs and read others (or your) work. Get in touch here!

Important Papers for Reading

Here I present a list of research papers articles that one might find useful. Under construction

A Useful Collection of Blog Posts

Here I present a list of blog articles that one might find useful. I will keep this upto date and my own+others blog articles. Machine Learning What Can GNNs Do? Annotator for Object Detection...


Welcome to the new look of my personal website.

Ending Year 2020!

The year 2020 has been challenging, different and best of all over. In this short blog I would like to share few updates in terms of my research work. Both Vijini and I were able to publish our ...


Our group is lead by Dr. Yu Lin and consists of many talended students. Find the list of publications below See the list of publications by our group on the publications page. Find the ...